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I love the energy and life that is part of nature. There is a sense of organized chaos. I map in the shapes, and many times leave what first comes onto the canvas. These shapes are instinctual. If they feel rhythmic I know the painting is working. Many times my paintings set up quickly, so my struggle comes in the middle, or towards the end of a piece. I know the painting isn’t finished, it needs some details and cleaning up, the question is where?  I take photographs along the way, so I have a record of where I like the painting, that way, if I mess up, I have something to look back at so I can figure out where I went wrong.

I would love a build up of paint, but at the same time, there’s a transparency I get in the early stages of painting that can never come back, so I am working with thin and thick together, a balancing act.

I keep form, but focus on the abstract shapes of light and dark that come into play.  I also love the play of colors and push them.  Bright coral against light blue, lavender and yellow…combined with deep earth tones …they come alive and dance across the canvas.



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